The silicone coated fiberglass fabric, which has the unique high temperature resistance, aaging resistance, has a soft and flexible characteristics, and better than ordinary coated fabric, thus, it is widely used in the production of new fire blanket.

The usage methods of silicone fire blankets
1. Fix or place the silicone fire blanket on wall or drawer that is visible and fast to take.
2. In case of fire, take the silicone fire blanket out quickly, both hands holding the two black belts.
3. Open the silicone fire blanket, as a shield-like in hands.
4. Cover the flame gently with silicone fire blanket and disconnect the gas or electric.
5. The fire blanket cover the fire object continually, and and take active fire fighting measures until the fire completely extinguished.
6. When the fire is extinguished, and silicone fire blanket cooling, Wrap the blankets as a non-combustible waste.
7. If the person is on fire, open the silicone fire blanket, wrap the person to put the fire out completely, and call the emergency call quickly.

Fire escape: the silicone fire blanket wrapped in the body and wear a smoke mask, escape from the fire quickly. Fire blanket can be isolated from the flame, reducing the fire temperature.

Industrial safety: steel factory, arc welding, boiler room and chemical laboratory and other places which is easy to cause fire, the fire blanket can resist the sparks, furnaces, welding spatter, Isolate workplace, separate the working layer, stop the fire caused by welding work.

Early fire fighting: In the early fire, the silicone fire blanket covered fire or the burning object directly, can put the fire out quickly in a short time.

Earthquake escape: fold the silicone fire blanket on the head, using its thick, compact structure to reduce the impact of falling objects.

1. Place the silicone blanket firmly in a convenient place (eg behind an indoor door, bedside cabinet, kitchen wall, car trunk, etc.) and familiarize that how to use it.
2. Check the fire blanket every 12 months.
3. If there is damage to the silicone fire blanket, replace it immediately.