Silicone rubber fiberglass blanket, which is made of glass fiber, and then coated the silicone rubber. Silicone rubber fiberglass blanket is high temperature, splash-proof, insulation blanket. Silicone rubber fiberglass blanket is of high usability and versatility, silicone rubber fiberglass blanket can be as a substrate to make split-type silicone rubber glass fiber sleeving, high temperature welding work or splash forging operations blanket, fire cloth, fire curtain and so on.

Protective blanket for welding operations
Welding sparks and splashing, welding spatter, etc., these splashes of sparks, welding spatter can easily lead to fire, using silicone rubber glass fiber blanket to isolate the splashing sparks, thus eliminating the welding operation may cause a fire hazard.

Protective blanket for splash forging operations
Silicone rubber fiberglass blanket made of splash forging blanket and welding operation blanket are with the same principle, which is for separation and isolation. However, the splash-forging operation requires more protection of the silicone rubber glass fiber blanket than the welding operation. Because it is not only splashing sparks, but also accompanied by high temperature spatter, so that threaten workers’ safety, and also threaten the hose and cable in splash zone, so it’s necessary to use the silicone rubber glass fiber blanket.

Split-type silicone rubber glass fiber sleeving
The process of Split-type silicone rubber glass fiber sleeving is quite different from silicone rubber glass fiber sleeving. The silicone glass fiber glass fiber sleeving, which weaves the glass fiber into sleeving, then coat or calender the silicone rubber on the outside of the sleeving. The split-type silicone rubber glass fiber sleeving is using silicone rubber fiberglass blanket stitched together by the edge, the edge of the refractory seam with high temperature velcro.

Recommendations of silicone fiberglass blanket:
1. In order to enhance the protective effect in the operation, it’s necessary to use multi-layer composite fire blanket.
2. The fire welding blanket with different coating treatment, which achieve different effects. Such as waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, oil-proof, improve temperature resistance, increase the heat resistance time and so on. The user should be based on the specific requirements to choose appropriate blanket.
3. For covering objects and equipment, should choose soft, and flexible fire blanket. For covering large objects or equipment, should choose a large fire blanket.
4. For the thickness less than 0.6mm of the welding blanket should be used vertically to avoid the spark breakdown of electric welding blanket; The thickness of the welding operation blanket should be more than 0.6mm for horizontal using.

In general, silicone rubber fiberglass blanket has good availability, wide range of usage.