High temperature silicone fireproof cloth, also known as silicon titanium fireproof cloth, smoke fireproof cloth, it’s composite multifunctional new product which is produced with special technology treatment of the surface of glass fiber cloth. It also has a wide range of applications.

Due to the stable chemical property, high temperature resistance and ablation resistance of silicone fireproof cloth, the product is widely used in aerospace, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, fire protection and other industrial fields. High temperature silicone fireproof cloth has compact structure, non-irritating, soft and tough texture features, meanwhile, it’s easy to cover on the uneven surface of the object and equipment, also can be used as the material of high-grade pipe and equipment insulation jacket. High temperature silicone cloth can well protect the object away from the heat and spark, and completely prevent the combustion or isolated combustion. High temperature welding fireproof cloth is suitable for welding sparks to withstand sparks, slag, welding spatter, etc., it will be used to isolate and block flammable and explosive dangerous goods and prevent fire in welding work.

High temperature silicone fireproof cloth is lightproof, while creating a safe, clean, standardized work space. High-temperature smoke vertical cloth is the ideal protective tool in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other public places, which is to isolate the workplace, separated working layer, blocking smoke to prevent the spread of fire.

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