Fire blanket is divided into fiberglass and carbon fiber material fire blanket, which does not stimulate the skin. Fire blanket is ideal and effective outer protective layer to protect people and object from heat, it is also easy to cover uneven surface of the object. Fire blanket is practical fire extinguishing tools in enterprises, shops, ships, cars, civil buildings, especially for home kitchens, hotels, entertainment venues, gas stations and other place that is easy to fire.
Fire Blanket

Silicone fire blanket which with a special treatment of glass fiber twill fabric, coated with special flame-retardant silicone rubber, it has smooth, soft, tight surface and so on. In case of non damage, the silicone fire blanket can be reused. To compare silicone fire blanket with water-based, dry powder fire extinguisher, the advantages of silicone fire blanket are as follow.
Silicone fire blanket
1. There is no expiration date;
2. It will not produce secondary pollution after using;
3. Insulation, high temperature resistance;
4. Easy to carry, simple to configure, it can be reused without damage.

As the silicone fire blanket is a very soft fire tool, during the initial time of the fire, the silicone fire blanket can isolate the oxygen to put the fire out with fastest speed, control the spread of the fire. Silicone coated fire blanket can also be used as a timely escape protective items, as long as the blanket wrapped in body, because the blanket itself has fireproof, heat insulation characteristics, the human body can be well protected in the escape.
Silicone fire blanket

Fire fighting principle
Covering the fire source, isolate air, in order to put a fire out.
Silicone fire blanket is mainly used for enterprises, shopping malls, ships, automobiles, civil buildings and other occasions, a simple initial fire fighting tools. Particularly applicable to the family and the hotel kitchen, hotels, entertainment venues, gas stations and other places easy to fire. To prevent the spread of fire and escape with protection.

Silicone fire blanket is not stimulate the skin, easy to carry, simple to use, is an important protection of tools for fireproof and escape, if you are interested in our silicone fiberglass blanket, please feel free to contact us(, we have professional technical department and sales team to service you, meanwhile, we also provide customized services!