In recent years, with the rapid economic development, there are more more high-rise buildings and large supermarkets, the risks of natural disasters are increasing. What’s more, with the rapid growth of urban construction, the high-performance fire-resistant emergency escape fire blanket, a 1 to 2 square meters of fire blanket, the volume is very small, it can be hung in the kitchen, living room and hallway, in case of fire, it can cover the fire immediately, and put the fire blanket draped over the head can become a refuge when escape from the fire, thus, the fire blanket with good market prospects.

There are many kinds of fire blanket, it can be widely used in the shipbuilding industry on the structure and repair of the ship; it can also be used in petrochemical enterprises of the metal structure, such as heat insulation, thermal insulation and welding, fire blanket is showing a very good protective adaptation. Fire blanket for hot work of large supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels and other public places of entertainment, such as welding, cutting and blocking, and to ensure the safety of life and property integrity. If it is compared with asbestos, there is no carcinogenic Risk. Because of the soft and toughness of the fire blanket, it is not only an ideal choice for the uneven objects and equipment, but also can replace the low temperature resistance fireproof fabric, what’s more, it is a very economical fire blocking layer and fire curtain. Fire blanket with different coating treatment, it can achieve different results, such as waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, oil-proof, improve temperature resistance, and the time of temperature resistance and so on. The users should be based on the specific requirements of the use of appropriate fire blanket. If it is used in the cover objects and equipment, should choose soft and flexible fire blanket, such as fire cover cloth.

Silicone coated fiberglass fire blanket, which is sewing the silicone coated fiberglass fabric to fire blanket in different dimensions. Most of the fire blanket in the market is made of fiberglass fabric because of the high temperature resistance, the disadvantage is human body is itch sensitive to the glass fiber. For silicone coated fiberglass fire blanket, the fireproof silicone coating has covered the glass fiber effectively in case of the itch sensitive glass fiber to skin. Silicone coated fiberglass fire blanket, easy to carry, and safe for fire retardant.